The loveliests


As I like  to call them (left to right): "Moroccan bag", "Croco bag", "Coco bag".

Let me introduce to you all my two new lovely bags !!

You already know my beloved "Moroccan bag" (as seen here, here and also here), which kind of reminds me of an old Chloé one by the way...

Now, I have two new babies to add to my collection of - hum... - let's say, the pretty brown bags?

First one is the one I call the "Coco bag".
Can you see the round shaped bag on the pictures ? Well, believe it or not, it is made out of a coconut hull !!! Yes ! How amazing? And the story behind this bag is even more cool...
I was at my place, in Rabat, it was about 8 pm when I received a phone call from my father telling me that he was in the city with my mother and that they wanted to see me before they hit the road back to Casablanca.
Five minutes later, I opened the door for them and TA-DAA, my father had that awesome bag between his hands for me! He told me he was wandering in the Oudaya (old medina of Rabat) when he spotted the bag and then immediately knew I would love it. And boy I love it!! Not only is the bag unique but the fact that my father bought it for me makes it even more priceless !

Second bag now: the "Croco bag".
Spotted it in a little boutique of Casablanca and it stole my heart! It looks so vintage and somehow reminds me of Hermès...
I highly doubt it's real croco but it is genuine leather for sure.
Love it !!

What do you think about them ?

Oh and thank you for coming to the blog, although you don't say much in the comment section ...


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  1. I love the first bag !!!
    New post - Kisses from FRance

  2. Good ideas and excellent style! I really love it!

  3. OMG! I love all this bag!

    XX, Gwen

  4. I'm in love with all this bag ♥

    XX, Gwen

  5. I loooove how your blog looks like ! <3
    Love the first bag too !



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