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Malak, as known as Meelena on The Serial Shopper, was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco.

After spending 17 years in her favourite Moroccan city, she moved to Rabat, then to France and China to further her studies. This 21-year-old is deeply passionate about fashion, photography and languages. Already fluent in English, Arabic and French, she now puts daily efforts in improving her Mandarin which she has been learning for two years.

The Serial Shopper was launched in November 2009 but has really taken an interesting turn in 2011 after Malak gratuated from high school. Initially, The Serial Shopper was an outlet for Malak to put her creativity into content. As the months and years went by, Malak improved her photography and gained confidence to no longer hide behind the name of Meelena and let her mind go completely free on the blog.

So far, The Serial Shopper has worked with brands from the United States to South Korea, and has been featured on websites and magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Hypeed. 

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