Shoe lovin'


Shoe lovin', shoe cravin' !

I see shoes, I feel shoes, I smell shoes, I want shoes, I NEED shoes !!
Here is a crazy wishlist I made...

The yellow pointy toed pumps with a silver cap from here.

The white wedges from here.

The silver flat sandals from here.

The nude sandals with a transparent block heel from here.

The classic black pumps with a twist from here.

The crazy black and white printed wedges from here.

And also:
The blue raphia-like wedges from here.

And finally:
Look how pretty these are !

But more seriously what I REALLY need are a pair of flat sandals (such as the silver ones from Zara) because I litteraly don't have ANY pair of flat sandals ! I already made the mistake of going to school in heeled sandals and I have to say, it's not very appropriate given the havy bag I have to carry around all day long ... It starts hurting pretty quickly!

Another thing I need/want is a pair of wedges. I've been wanting some for the longest time but I still can't decide what type I should get... I love the blue raphia ones, the white ones from Zara and the Aldo ones ...

As for all the rest, it's just extra, just bonus, just things a shoeaholic can't help putting in a shoelist ...


P.S: when I wanted to write the tittle of this post, a typo made me write "shoe livin' ". I guess it works just fine as well...

P.P.S: the blog is getting a facelift pretty soon so stay tuned for a brand new TSS in the upcoming days !!

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  1. The nude sandals are my favorite !!

  2. nice shoes!
    I love your blog dear, shall you follow each other? :D


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