A white christmas


Back in Morocco my family and I do not celebrate christmas. It's just not part of our moroccan traditions. But this year, since I happened to be staying in Paris for the christmas holidays, I did gather with some friends and two of my sisters around that oh-so-famous christmas tree.

We decided to add our little touch to the celebration and played "secret santa": each person had to buy a gift without knowing who it was going to go to. So you can only guess how hard it was to find something that could work for both boys and girls...

When it came to the food though, we respected the traditions and stuffed our stomachs (okay maybe we also added a moroccan dish or two to the menu). 
As for my outfit, I really had no clue what I could wear since most of my fancy clothes I left in Morocco. I eventually came up with this little white combination which made me think of that famous song "White christmas".

I hope you like the pictures and I'll be back very soon with some news to share with you !

Our dear host also prepared a moroccan tajine...
...and other moroccan treats.

I think I got the most adorable gift of all !

Top, Promod
Pants, Zara
Shoes, little boutique in Casablanca
Necklace, Stradivarius

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  1. You look so lovely, seems like a great night.

  2. You look lovely, seem like a great night.

  3. The picture are beautiful and so are you!

    It would be amazing if you have some time to check my blog and follow me if you want ?!


    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things


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