6 reasons why I stopped blogging


Alright, almost one year after my last post, I figured it was about time I explained why I no longer blog here. Why did I slowly start drifting away from this blog? If you wanted an answer, I'm gonna finally give it to you (I'll give you 6 actually):

Blogging started taking over my life
As the blog started growing, and as my photography started improving, everything in my life suddenly revolved around the blog. Whenever I went out, I first had to make sure that I was wearing a nice outfit that I could later share on the blog. Whatever I did, ate, saw, I had to take a picture of to share it at some point either here or on social media.
But it did not just stop there. I also needed to make everything look perfect otherwise why even share it, right? Over time, I started feeling like the blog controlled my life and nothing felt spontaneous anymore.

Moving, travelling, life happening...
You must be thinking that moving and traveling is an interesting topic to talk about here on the blog, and I totally agree with you on this one. However, as I mentioned just above, the blog ruled my days already and I preferred to take advantage of these life experiences to stop being constantly behind a camera and start living in the moment. I used to waste spend a lot of time preparing photo shoots, sorting and editing my pictures and starting over again when I was not satisfied with the result. In the end, I just felt a real urge to let go. Blogging was supposed to be fun but I slowly turned it into a tedious task.

The question of the photographer
Talking about traveling: not only did I chose not to blog, I also didn't have any other option actually.
While I was living in Morocco, my brother (sometimes other family members) was my main photographer. When I started traveling and moving to different countries and continents even, I no longer had that designated person following me everywhere and helping me photograph my outfits. 

Tired of being the focal point of this blog
And talking of taking pictures of myself, I was honestly so tired of being the focal point here on the blog. Creating photos that make you feel beautiful and having a visual record of yourself that you can look back at and see how you have evolved is the best part. The not-so-cool part though is that without me even realizing I started putting a lot of pressure on myself to look better and only post a picture if I think that I am on my best light on it. I really, really needed disconnect.

Freeing myself from the consumerism trap
This one, ladies and gentleman, is a major reason why I decided to stop blogging.
Think about it: I blogged about fashion and personal style (mainly), creating new content was intrinsically linked to having/buying new clothes. Little by little, I became a victim of this consumer society.
But besides the fact that I was spending a lot of money on clothes, there is the fact that I grew more and more aware of the issue of sustainability and of how fashion (and fast fashion in my case) was negatively impacting environmental and human resources. I no longer wanted to contribute to that system, I wanted to free myself and it ultimately made me drift away from the blog.

The Serial what..?
Sooo this one is easy to understand. As a direct consequence of what is said right above, The Serial Shopper was miles away from who I really was. Clearly, I needed a new identity. I could no longer identify with the one created here. In fact, I went from "serial shopper" to "extreme minimalist" (the ridiculously empty luggage that I took with me on my 5-6 months stays abroad can attest of that). I started feeling the need to get rid of anything superfluous in my life, and that went beyond the mere material tangible things.

And here is a bonus reason why I stopped blogging: self-sabotage is my hidden talent.
Guys this is actually pretty bad and I really need to start working on this aspect of my personality.
Most people I know are scared of failing, I, on the contrary, am scared of succeeding. As crazy and twisted as it might sound, this is actually something that I have witnessed in many areas of my life. If a relationship starts going really well ("too well" I would say), I will freak out and make sure that it doesn't go so well anymore and will then walk away from it. When my blog started getting attention not only from readers but also from brands, I suddenly shut it down and disappeared. Yes, it is twisted and doesn't make any sense, but the underlying reason to this is that I self-censor myself. For a while, I never told any close friends that I had a blog. I didn't want them to think that I am just very full of myself and kind of pretentious (otherwise why would I be taking so many pictures of myself, right?), I didn't want them to think that I am just a "fashion victim" and that I "love shopping" when I actually love fashion. Of course, real friends would understand but think about it: when I started the blog I was 15 or 16, still in high school, and still in that difficult teenage phase of life. Blogging wasn't as common, it wasn't even a thing yet. It is no surprise that I had some level of fear of "what people think". Today I am 23 and soon 24, I have grown so much and accumulated all sorts of personal and professional experiences. My vision of life is completely different and I am slowly getting to that point where I can do what I want without thinking of other people's opinion.

With that said, there are still three main reasons why I will certainly start a new blogging adventure someday: first I need to create and let my ideas and thoughts out, second I love to connect with you even though we don't really know each other in real life and lastly, it is great to look back at old posts and realize how I've evolved, grown and improved.
I am actually already working on a new online project. I will make sure to let you guys know when it is ready but for now, I am taking my time and making sure that I will be prepared with the right mindset for it :)

I know some of you have been following me loyally for many years, whether I was active on The Serial Shopper or not. A few of you are still a part of my life now through Instagram which I appreciate so much! If you want to join and see what I share lately, I invite you to head over to Instagram: my content is not blog related, not business related, not too serious, quite personal (although not too much) and overall just chill haha!

Thank you for everything, this adventure has been so fulfilling with you <3>

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