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These last weeks, I've been buying some stuff but I didn't take the time to show you ...
So I leave you with these pictures, where you could spot sometimes my little cousin BTW who was pleased to "collaborate", that's what she said! (just so you know, she's 7...) .

Hope I'll see you soon.


I love this new wallet I got in a boutique of Casablanca.
It's real leather and the little fringed tail makes it so cute I almost want to wear it as a day clutch !

I bought these Steve Madden booties a long time ago already but I haven't worn them yet ...

And these are the last rings I bought (I'm pretty in love with rings currently ...).

I got these two at Aldo.
The aqua green one is HUGE but I love it.
The other one was also available whith golden sparkles but I just prefered this one...

My cousin's hands ...

All the nail polishes are from H&M (they are not new, you already saw them here).

I let you guys gess where this last one comes from ...


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