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The other day, my sister and I went with a friend to visit one of my favourite places here in Casablanca : Bab Marrakesh.

We basically played tourists, took pictures and visited all the shops there. So it's no surprise that I came back home with yet another pair of Moroccan bags!

I'll be sharing pictures of our tourist-y activities later...


Fell in love with this bag!
And then I also fell in love with it in this other color so, being the serial shopper that I am, I had to find a reason to buy bought of them : this one will be for my sister ;)
This one is a gift from my sister (bought in Marrakesh)
Love the coins on it!
The following necklaces are all gifts from my sister.

The two previous ones are from H&M.

This one is from Zara.
And last but not least, in this bag there is another gift from the Korean brand Lodinatt (remember the last one?) Soon in an outfit post.

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